what is ciao totes

ciao totes is a canadian company (based in quebec city), we specialize in the design of outdoor equipment.

founded by three friends and entrepreneurs who have a common passion for the outdoors, our mission is to make you enjoy every moment, no matter where you are.

we want to accompany people from their sweetest moments to their greatest adventures.

happy to meet you.

our mission

we want to create products that blend durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. our gear is made to suit all of your needs, whether you're in the city, on a hike, or traveling the world.

we understand the disappointment of unreliable gear, which drives us to manufacture equipment that will stand the test of time. our designs are simple, timeless, and representative of our identity.

why ciao totes ?

ciao ” is an informal expression used to say “goodbye” or “see you next time”. it is often used in a friendly and casual way, as a way to greet someone before leaving.


" totes " is an informal word for "quite" or "absolutely".


by combining the two, “ ciao totes ” becomes a friendly and relaxed way to say goodbye to someone. it's a shortcut for "ciao, see you later" or "hi, see you next time".

  • Étienne

  • Xavier

  • Cédrik

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